Modern Cabana:
Founders, philosophy, design and sustainability

The Cabana

Until recently, options for increasing living space were limited. On the one hand, adding a room to a structure involved obtaining permits and performing costly remodeling. On the other, it implied purchasing an ornate, synthetic structure at a hardware store.

Modern Cabana believes design is central to any addition. Moreover, accessory structures should be affordable, solidly built and easy to install. Its flagship space, The Cabana, was designed for that purpose.

A versatile addition designed to accommodate buyers seeking value, modernism and quality, The Cabana can be used as a guest cottage, a pool house, artist studio, home office, urban penthouse, desert hideaway, fishing cabin, workshop, sound studio, yoga studio, kids playhouse, or exercise room.

Designed for year-round use -weather permitting- the Cabanas elegant and timeless appearance is backed with substance. Functional, robust, and weatherized construction, materials of the highest grade and a professional building team ensure that each Cabana is built to last.
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