Our Cabanas are assembled to last the test of time by following a simple 3-step process:




  • The Cabana is built by local carpenters in our shop in San Francisco as a prefabricated kit. Each unit is built to order to allow customization of windows and doors.
  • After each order is complete the units are flat packed for delivery in the bay area or freight anywhere in the country. These Kits include everything needed to build the unit.
  • Each Cabana sits on a foundation that we can provide as a turnkey solution.
  • If you already have a contractor we can provide you with specifications for our Cabana foundation.
  • Lastly, the wall panels are tilted up, fastened to the foundation and weather sealed from the elements. Carpentry skills are a must, or if your skills are not up to par you can leave this up to us.
  • Before we start building your unit in our shop we will determine the layout for outlets and lights.
  • We partner with local electricians to come light up your Cabana.