How do I get a Cabana?

  1. Identify the size and Cabana that suits your life.
  2. Make a quick call to your local planning department to understand your site setbacks and other building requirements for detached accessory structures or secondary dwelling units.
  3. Contact us with your location and installation needs, if any.
  4. Review project proposal and timeline. Sign the dotted line, and send us a deposit.
  5. We will build and ship your Cabana within 6 weeks.

What are the benefits of a Modern Cabana?

We make adding space simple, cost-effective, stylish and sustainable.  With small foot-prints, optimized framing, and a design that utilizes standard material sizes, we cut out the waste typical in conventional construction. We also select our materials carefully.  We use FSC certified framing, lumber, and siding, recycled denim insulation, bamboo flooring, and lasting materials.  In addition, we are well known for our quick turn around, speedy installation, and great customer service.

Do I need a permit?

Each community is different and it is up to the homeowner to verify local building requirements.  We have found that most communities in North America allow property owners to incorporate accessory structures up to 120 sq. feet without a building permit.  If a building permit is required, we can provide you with a set of architectural drawings for $300.  In most cases, this is all you need for a permit.  Should the city request more information, we can provided a stamped engineered set of drawings and help you to meet their requirements.

What kind of foundation do I need?

Foundation requirements vary from place to place.  A local contractor can help you determine your site requirements.  Pre-cast piers require a flat site with stable, well draining soil.  Most Cabanas are installed with site with cast concrete piers (6 piers on a UC 10×12).  If your site is local, we can install the piers, and otherwise we will provide you and your contractor with plans for their installation.

Can you also handle Cabana installation?

Our Modern Cabana team of experienced installers can make the process quick and painless.  Installation costs vary depending on your Cabana model, size, and site.  Our Standard Model installations start at $2800 and upgraded Models at $4200 (UC 10×12 and UC 10×16).

If you are outside of the Bay Area, we recommend working with a local contractor to prepare the foundation and install the Cabana using our Installation Manual.  We can coordinate directly with your contractor in this  process.  Sometimes we even send one of our installers to help streamline the process, if preferred.

What about electricity/IP?

A local licensed electrician can add power within hours to your unit.

Can my Cabana include a bathroom?

Yes.  See our UC 12×20 and UC 12×25 for floor plans.  Modern Cabana can prepare your unit to accommodate a bathroom and wall separations.

What costs can I expect for including a bathroom?

Modern Cabana can provide interior walls, and doors, as well as blocking for plumbing fixtures.  Actual costs for the complete bathroom will depend on your fixture selection and plumbing requirements.

Ballpark pricing for a full bathroom starts at $6,000 with fixtures and tile (installed by your contractor).  Remember that you will be working with a local plumber for hook-ups.

How about heating and cooling?

Cross-ventilated design should minimize the need for cooling.  Many clients use a space heater and/or fan to warm or cool their unit.  Should your climate require temperature management, contact your local contractor or electrician.  Locally we recommend the following:
- For heating and cooling, an HVAC split heat pump 18,000 BTU for a UC 10×12 or UC 10×16 unit.
- For heating alone, a small electric 110v forced air wall heater.
- Or a simple outlet powered heater can do the trick when needed.  Quality HVAC manufacturers include Mitsubishi, Trane and Fujitsu

Can you build larger units?

Modern Cabana utilized a modular system that can accommodate larger floor plans.  Contact us for specifics.

Snow Loads?

Cabanas are designed to handle 40 lb/ft² snow load.  If you live in snow country we may be able to make the necessary modifications to meet your local snow load requirements.  You will want to determine these requirements on the particular site you have planned.  Contact your local building department for specifics.

Do you make site visits?

For a small fee (that is credited toward your purchase) we can schedule a site visit to your location in the Bay Area.  Otherwise, send us some pictures and talk with your local contractor.

Do the Cabana doors come with a lock?

Yes, all of our door options come with locks.

How much is shipping?

Shipping varies based on distance and the size of your Cabana.  When you are ready to order, we can get a quote from our carrier.  Rough pricing for west coast shipments is $1600, for mid US locations $2,500, and for the east coast $3500.  If you live in the Bay Area, we can deliver your unit for $2.50 a mile, plus packing.

I’m pretty handy.  Can I install the Cabana myself?

If you have building experience and a couple friends, you can install the Cabana over a weekend or more.  Once you order your Cabana, we can provide you with our installation  manual to aid in the process.  If you prefer, we can also send one of our installers to help streamline the installation.

What are the tools required to install the Cabana?

These are the basic tools, all of which can be rented from a local tool supplier:

  • Screw Gun
  • Four foot level
  • Chalk line
  • Staple gun
  • Hammer
  • Caulk gun
  • Two eight foot ladders; one six foot ladder (optional)
  • Circular saw (optional)

Do you ship outside of the US?

Modern Cabana will sell you a unit from California and arrange for shipping.  All cabana ship FOB, and it is the purchasers responsibility to arrange for custom and duties.

Do Cabanas come painted or finished?

Cabanas come unfinished, so that you can choose a stain or color for both the interior and exterior.

Who takes your pictures?

Local photographer Bruce Damonte shoots most of our projects.

Have more questions?

Contact us with further questions.